Family ER + Urgent Care | 24 Hour Emergency Care & Medical Services

Our Emergency Physicians are highly skilled and trained to care for all minor and major medical and trauma emergencies. All of our physicians have trained and worked in major trauma centers and are experts in resuscitation.

Services you can receive at Family ER + Urgent Care include but are not limited to:

24 Hours | 7 days a week

– Allergic reactions
– Asthma and breathing problems
– Bleeding; major wounds
– Blood clots
– Burns
– Chest pain, heart attack or palpitations
– Dehydration
– Dizziness; loss of consciousness
– Eye injuries
– Head injuries
– High Fever
– Pneumonia
– Severe abdominal pain
– Severe back pain
– Sprains, fractures & broken bones
– Strokes or seizures
– Vomiting

Other Services

Imaging Capabilities include:
CT Scan (16)
Digital X-Ray

Lab Testing:
Rapid Strep
Cardiac Enzymes
Urine Drug Screen
Complete Blood Counts
Liver Function Test
Kidney Function Test

Other Lab Testing:
Influenza A/B
Pregnancy Testing
Metabolic Profiling
Blood gases
Mono Spot

Our Hours

Emergency Room Hours
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Urgent Care Hours 
Monday – Saturday
8am – 8pm

Noon – 8pm