About FAMILY ER + Urgent Care

Mission Statement

Our FIRST priority is always our patients. Our mission is to provide fast, high-quality Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care in our conveniently located facilities in the communities we serve: Frisco and Irving, TX. We treat patients of all ages in a professional and welcoming environment. 

Who We Are

Family ER + Urgent Care in Irving, TX are freestanding medical facilities that give patients the option to seek emergency or convenient care in one convenient location – without having to go to the hospital or wait for an appointment at a private physician’s office. Our focus on the patient experience has led us to develop efficient processes for admittance and care that dramatically reduce waiting times and cut down the total visit time by more than half — compared to a traditional hospital visit.

Family ER + Urgent Care provides services to any patient seeking Emergency Care with cutting-edge efficient processes and patient-centered care. We also provide convenient care for urgent care – minor illnesses and injuries. Our centers provide the same services that can be provided at a hospital emergency rooms or private physician offices in convenient and quickly accessible locations. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Urgent Care is open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday and on Sunday from Noon – 8:00 pm.

How We Differ from Our Competitors

Our facilities are focused on the patient experience from registration through discharge. We are locally owned and operated. Family ER + Urgent Care is staffed by physicians and nurses who understand both patient and provider needs. Our highly trained nurses and physician assistants help treat urgent care patients in a timely and professional manner. Unlike other freestanding emergency centers and urgent care clinics, we provide a patient-centered environment that not only focuses on quick evaluation by a physician, but more importantly, providing expedient results and disposition.

The PLUS Difference

Most Urgent Care facilities are limited in what they can do. At Family ER + Urgent Care, we go beyond typical Urgent Care. Our state-of-the-art facility has complete lab testing on-site (flu, strep and blood testing), Ultrasound, CT Scans and Digital X-rays. If an injury or illness is severe, there’s an Emergency Department in the same building – ready to treat any emergency situation.

The Family ER Difference

Did you know that 87% of patients that visit an Emergency Department in the US annually are discharged home? Did you know that the average time spent in a hospital Emergency Department for a patient that is discharged home is three hours, and longer for those admitted?

Family ER + Urgent Care has developed a process and patient care model around the patient experience. Our goal is to provide outstanding, efficient service to each and every patient.

We offer medical testing using the very latest diagnostic equipment and an on-site lab for quick results.

We offer adult and care for children in kid-friendly environments.

Our mobile device-enabled website provides pre-registration capability, wait time listings and en-route notification to promote efficient physician consultation and treatment.

We’re flexible, so if you’re not sure it’s really an emergency, come on in and let our team assess your condition. If your case isn’t an emergency, with peace-of-mind, you can decide to wait and see your primary care physician later, or visit our Urgent Care physicians and continue your care with us.

Our Hours

Emergency Room Hours
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Urgent Care Hours 
Monday – Saturday
8am – 8pm

Noon – 8pm

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